Removing Asbestos Siding - Risky, Costly, Worth It?

    Professional removal is expensive, and DIY removal is dangerous without the proper knowledge and tools. The reason why behind both is that the asbestos siding, while potentially harmful if damaged, is relatively safe when left alone (and undamaged). The irony of removing asbestos siding is so it may cause fibers that will never have otherwise entered the air to go airborne the moment you break the seal on the siding.


    At the very least with this particular guide you are able to gain a little insight into the data aspect. Listed here are 5 facts I believe all DIY asbestos removers should know.


    Fact #1: Asbestos siding, when left intact, may not be releasing asbestos fibers to the air.

    Pro Advice: Obtain it tested by an ASHI-certified professional inspector. Chances are, you may not need to displace it at all. The old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" definitely applies here.

    Fact #2: When pros remove asbestos siding, they spray it gently and consistently with water to avoid kicking up harmful fibers and dust.


    Fact #3: Once removed, siding should really be leaned against a wall, NOT placed on the floor. On the floor, asbestos siding could be stepped on, releasing the deadly fibers.


    Fact #4: Removed siding should be properly discarded in boxes lined with plastic. These boxes should really be sealed shut and called hazardous waste before disposal.


    Fact #5: You need to wear personal protective equipment to minimize contact with asbestos fibers. You'll need special gas masks with asbestos-rated apertures to filter the extremely small dust and asbestos particles.


    In closing, the decision over whether to eliminate asbestos siding really comes down seriously to the problem of the siding (damaged or intact?) and the advice of the inspector. Cost should not necessarily be considered a determining factor. You only cannot put a price on health, especially when your family is involved.


    However, the more you understand, the higher your possibility is of saving money. Either you'll get a much better price from the contractor who removes the siding, or you'll have the ability to do it yourself and pay much less.


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